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Breastfeeding: questions and answers

17 May, 2021

What happens when your child is breastfeeding

Feeding your child with breast milk provides them with all the important nutrients they need and strengthens their immune system. Breastfeeding gives your child exactly the right food at all times, as breast milk adapts to its needs throughout the entire period of breastfeeding. In addition, it is particularly well geared towards your childs digestive system. In addition to the close contact between you and your baby, the cuddle hormone oxytocin is released when sucking on the breast, which has a positive effect on your relationship. Especially in the days after the delivery, you should make sure that you breastfeed your child in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, as the breastfeeding rhythm develops during this time.

The most important questions and answers about breastfeeding your child

Many (expectant) mothers are worried about when, how often and for how long they should breastfeed their child. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers:

How Often Should I Breastfeed?

Generally speaking, it is perfectly normal to have two to four hours between breastfeeding. If your little one is very hungry during a growth spurt, the intervals can be shorter. Every mother-child team finds its own rhythm over time.

How long will it take my child to be full?

The answer to this question depends individually on your child. Some sprouts are done with their meal in just 10 minutes, while others drink the same amount in an hour. Over time, however, your child will learn to drink faster and more efficiently.

How Much Weight Should My Baby Gain?

It is normal for your newborn to lose a little weight in the first few days after birth. Most of the time, however, it has regained its birth weight between the tenth and fourteenth days of life. A healthy, fully breastfed baby will have approximately doubled its birth weight by five months.

What do I have to consider when breastfeeding?

Prepare a pleasant atmosphere for both of you so that you can enjoy breastfeeding. Prepare everything you need in advance, sit down comfortably and make sure that you have peace and quiet. You can breastfeed your baby lying down if you want. This can be very pleasant, especially at night. To do this, lie down relaxed on one side and support your head with a pillow. You can use your lower arm to hold your baby and pull him to your chest.

How Long Should I Breastfeed?

It is best if you wean your child naturally. This means that from around the age of six months, your child will become more and more interested in solid foods and lose interest in breast milk. The exact time for this is of course very individual. If you offer him new dishes as soon as he can sit down with you, you can further stimulate his interest.

Can I take alcohol or medication while breastfeeding?

You shouldn't consume alcohol while breastfeeding your child. It passes into the milk and thus into your baby's bloodstream. You should discuss which medication you are allowed to take with your doctor directly, as they can also affect your child.

Don't worry if everything doesn't go smoothly from the start. Every mum-child duo needs a time to adjust to each other. With love and patience, you two will definitely make it.