Safe and Healthy Sleep

Creating the Perfect Sleeping Environment For Your Baby

16 Aug, 2019


Just like adults, babies will struggle to sleep if the temperature is either too hot or too cold, especially as they can’t regulate their body temperature like adults can. It’s suggested that your baby’s room should be at about 16-20°C for a much more comfortable night’s sleep. A Slumbersac Sleeping Bag is a great way to help maintain your baby’s body temperature throughout the night without the use of additional blankets, and it’s much safer too.


When your baby was in the womb they were surrounded by noises. The sound of your breathing, your heart beating and your blood flowing around your body means that your baby may not be used to silence. White noise machines/apps can provide a gentle and consistent sound that helps to soothe and calm your baby, encouraging them to relax into a deeper sleep quickly. It’s important to keep the white noise opposite your baby’s crib and not next too, whilst also making sure it’s not too loud.


Our body clock is often regulated through lighting. When it’s dark we know it’s time to sleep, and when it’s light we know it’s time to be awake. A dark room is ideal for your baby at night-time as it helps them to recognise this difference between day and night. This can also become handy when you try to create a bedtime routine. Blackout blinds or curtains are a great way to keep the light out, creating a much more relaxing and less distracting environment.


A perfect sleeping environment is one that is a safe environment too. A great way to ensure your baby is sleeping safely is to look at the ABC’s of Safe Sleep. Your baby should sleep alone, on their back and in a crib. Within the crib should be no baby bumpers, loose bedding or even their favourite stuffed animal, as these can pose a risk for accidental suffocation. A firm mattress with a tightly fitted sheet should be used for a safer sleeping environment too. If you do all these things, then you can sleep a bit better knowing your child is having a safe night’s sleep.