Safe and Healthy Sleep

Sleep training for your child

12 Sep, 2022

You can think of sleep training as a combination of different methods and rituals designed to help your child sleep better. However, your baby does not have to do any work to get there as sleep is a natural need and will come over time.

How can I help my baby fall asleep?

Good sleep comes over time but you can keep an eye on your child's sleep needs to support them. For example, monitor how many hours they sleep during the day and at night. They may not sleep well at night because they often doze off during the day. Don't force your child to take a nap unless they're tired so that they don't associate sleeping with negative feelings.

The right sleeping environment can also help them to get tired. Place the crib at a sufficient distance from the heater, the window and the door and use a mattress made of polyester or microfibre so that sensitive baby skin is not irritated. Ensure that the children's room is neither too warm or too cold as your baby is not yet able to regulate its own body temperature. Ideally, the temperature should be 16 to 21 degrees.

If your baby becomes anxious, it may help to use a night light or leave the door ajar. However, you should darken the windows both in the evening and during the afternoon nap so that your baby's body can release the sleep hormone melatonin.

If you want to try gentle sleep training, a regular daily routine will help you find the balance that is important for falling asleep and staying asleep. Set bedtimes and bedtime rituals and prepare your baby for the exciting part of the day to be over. For example, you can read a story, bathe your child or have a cuddle with them to make them calm and ready for sleeptime.

Your baby will be able to sleep better if you keep the evenings quiet and the days active. This way your child understands that they learn new things during the day but don't miss anything in the evening hours. This will help them find their way to dreamland more easily. 

After a restful night for the two of you, you will soon find your energy levels coming back and be able to prepare for the day ahead. Good Luck!