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Top 5 tips for moving your toddler from cot to bed

7 Aug, 2018


I moved Katie from her cot to a bed after 20 months. However, there is no specific time that your toddler needs to make the move. Most toddlers make the transition between 18 months and 3 years. I started at 18 months because Katie started to climb out of the cot. You may also decide to move them because your child grows too big and is no longer sleeping comfortably, or you have another baby on the way and need the cot for your new arrival! 

Get your tot excited about the move

I tried to get Katie excited about her move to a new ‘big’ girl bed and it seemed to work thankfully! I took Katie on a Mother/Daughter shopping trip to pick out her bed and let her choose her bedding. This made her feel included in the process. The key is to try and ease them into the process. If your tot is struggling, try positioning the bed in the same place as their cot was. A friend of mine did this and found that it really helped. You may find that buying new bedding makes it worse, so to start with you may decide to keep their old bedding until they have settled into their new environment. 

Safety first

One of the most important things to remember when making the transition from cot to bed is ensuring the safety of your child. They will be used to having cot bars, so they might roll out of bed to start with. I put up a guard rail for Katie to prevent this from happening. You can remove the guards once you think they are used to their new bed. You could also lay some pillows or a duvet on the floor bedside the bed, so if they do roll off, they have a softer, safer landing. They may well get up and explore during the night. If this is the case, then a safety gate at the top of the stairs is a very good idea. Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet are also a great idea because if your toddler decides to get up in the night, their feet are free and this reduces the risk of them falling or tripping over. 

Keep their routine the same

Moving from cot to bed is a big change so try to keep everything else in their routine the same. I made sure Katie’s bathtime and storytime were the same for example.  


Be understanding and praise your child if they stay in their bed. If they do keep getting up, be patient. It may take your baby a while to adjust to their new bed, so be prepared for some restless nights!