Tips & Tricks for Parents

Baby's body temperature regulation

29 Aug, 2022

A baby’s core body temperature is between 36.5 and 37 degrees and this is easily maintained by keeping the room temperature between 16-20 degrees. There are a number of good room thermometers available to help you manage the room temperature in your baby's nursery.

How do I check my baby's temperature?

Checking your baby’s body temperature is easy and you do not need to have a thermometer. Simply, check the back of their neck to see how warm or cold they are. Remember, babies generally have cold hands and feet which is quite normal.

How can I keep my baby warm? 

If they are cold, the most natural way to warm them up is by having a cuddle and sharing your body heat. Other ways you can warm up or cool down your child are by adjusting the amount of clothing they are wearing or the heating in your home.

How can I keep my baby's temperature regulated when they are sleeping?

Night time is the longest period you are away from your child and you want to know that your child is sleeping safely in the next room. Research shows that conventional bedding can overheat a child or can be kicked off by your infant which will leave them cold. Baby sleeping bags are designed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night whilst allowing your child to move freely without the risk of getting tangled up.

Our Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come in a range of different weights/togs to suit all seasons and help regulate baby's temperature. They also have many additional benefits such as using them in a car seat, pram or pushchair as they are very versatile. You can find out more about the various Togs in our Tog Guide. The benefit of a baby sleep sack is that you can also change a nappy without disturbing your baby when they are sleeping which helps to establish a bed time routine for your new baby.

Once you have established the room temperature in your baby's room, you can choose a baby sleeping bag with the correct Tog weight to suit and keep their temperature regulated. This ranges from a 0.5 Tog in the hot Summer to a 3.5 Tog in the very cold Winter. Our range of sleeping bags with feet are also a great option once baby starts moving as they can crawl, walk and play in it around the house whilst keeping warm at the same time.