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How often should you change your bed linen?

22 Aug, 2022

How often should you wash bedding?

You should strip and wash your child's bedding every two to four weeks. However, if they sweat a lot at night - such as in the summer months or if they become unwell and have a fever - you should wash the bed linen earlier. You should put bed sheets in the washing machine at 60 degrees to ensure that you kill all the bacteria in your children's bedding. 

For bright, colourful sheets, it is best to use a colour detergent that contains little or no fragrance additives, as these can cause headaches or sleep disorders in your child. You should avoid using fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency of the fibres. Use vinegar instead which has the same antibacterial effect. Don't worry - the vinegar smell will dissipate during the wash, leaving only clean, scented laundry.

To protect the fabric, you can turn the bed linen inside out before washing and close the zipper or buttons. You can also protect the bed linen by only washing it with other bed linen. The common spin cycle with towels and jeans can attack the fibres. For a longer lasting "freshly washed" feeling, you can add a little starch to the detergent compartment of the machine.

In addition to regular washing, you should air your child's duvet and mattress regularly at the same time so that they can sleep hygienically. It also helps if you air the bed every morning after your child gets up. This ensures that your child has a healthy, restful night's sleep in clean bedclothes.