Tips & Tricks for Parents

Shopping with Children

14 Nov, 2022

Shopping with little children doesn’t have to be awful. Here are some ideas to make it less harrowing and you might even have fun! 

Plan shopping to coincide with baby’s nap time. 

If you have a very young child, shopping can easily become a real trial. You could plan to do your shopping when your baby has their nap time in a car seat, pram or pushchair. Many supermarket shopping trolleys are able to accommodate a baby car seat so that you can then shop while they are fast asleep.

Have snacks at the ready.

There is nothing worse than a hangry child. Ensure that you have plenty of snacks at the ready to avoid any meltdowns.

Involve children in the shopping. 

If your child is a little older, they are likely to get bored which could lead to them crying or having a tantrum which is every parent's worst nightmare in a busy supermarket. To alleviate this, you could get them involved in the shopping and make it a fun task. They could search for specific items on your shopping list or, if they are in the trolley seat, you can pass items to them to put into the trolley. It is also possible to self-scan items with a scanner and your child could zap the items and see them come up on the scanner screen which could be a really fun game for them to play.

Be Positive.

Don't forget to give some words of encouragement to your child as you shop together. A smile or positive reinforcement will help them to feel happier about the experience.

Avoid the crowds.

Plan the time that you shop so that it doesn't coincide with the busiest shopping times of the day which are usually morning, lunchtime and early evening.

Plan rewards for good behaviour. 

Rewards can be a great incentive. A small treat in the car on the way home as a thank you for their help is a great way for them to be rewarded for their efforts. Alternatively, you could plan to do something that they want to do after the shopping is over which will give them something to look forward to.

If all else fails, buy online instead! 

It is very easy to shop online now and you can acquire everything you need from the comfort of your sofa, even purchasing baby sleeping bags!