Tips & Tricks for Parents

A Stress-free Christmas with children

5 Dec, 2022

Good Preparation

It is best to start making plans well in advance of Christmas. Plan when you want to run which errands, which dishes are suitable for Christmas dinner and when and how you want to decorate your house. By doing this, you can better manage the time you need and let the lead-up to Christmas come along in a calm and organised way. However, you shouldn't overdo the planning as most of the time everything turns out a little differently than you initially think.

House cleaning and Shopping

You can calmly approach the topic of house cleaning before Christmas. Nobody will expect you to have your house spotless, especially in a household with children. It is completely normal for something to be lying around and your relatives will certainly be coming to visit and celebrate with you at Christmas and not inspecting the condition of your house! So, don't get stressed. If you didn't find time to clean all the windows before Christmas it really doesn't matter.

Planning Family Visits

You will most likely want to see all family members during the Christmas holidays which can lead you with a very packed schedule. This can be really tiring, especially with a baby. If you want to avoid the stress of appointments you can invite your relatives to your home. Your baby can remain in its familiar surroundings and you can approach the holidays in a more relaxed manner.

The Feast

The same applies here: less is more! It doesn't help anyone if you're stressed out preparing a 5-course meal while your baby may be asking for you and everything in the kitchen is getting over your head. A simple and tried-and-tested dish is all you need here and your family will enjoy it just as much.

If your baby already eats solid food, it's best to play it safe and use a dish you know they will enjoy.

The Gift Giving

For little ones, this is probably the most exciting part of Christmas. Children get very excited and it is often better to plan gift giving in the morning when they are more alert and have more time to play with their gifts. Decide when would be a good time for you and your famliy. 

Nip Conflicts in the Bud

Many families have unexpected arguments, especially during the Christmas holidays. Ideally, you should discuss your plans and wishes for Christmas with your relatives from the outset. If everyone is willing to make compromises, everyone should remain positive and less argumentative.

And during the holidays, stay relaxed and try to avoid negative topics of conversation.

Short Breaks 

For you as parents, the needs of your child are of course the focus during the Christmas period. Since Christmas is a very exciting time for little ones, it is advisable to take short breaks from time to time and to stick to the usual rituals during the holidays. The afternoon nap or daily walk can also be incorporated into the Christmas days.

Treat yourself to breaks in between and have a good time together. If everyone feels good, your Christmas day will be a lovely and unforgettable time for all.

Lower your Expectations

Those who approach Christmas with great expectations can also experience great disappointment. Not everything can be planned to the minute, especially when children are involved! It is also completely normal for something to go wrong. It doesn't have to be perfect so don't worry!