Slumbersac is looking for product testers!

1. The organiser is Slumbersac UK.

2. We are looking for 5 testers for baby sleeping bags and 5 testers for sleeping bags with feet.

3. Participation takes place by completing the form on the website,

4. Registration Deadline: 9th October 2023.

5. The testers selected will be emailed asking for a postal address to send the sleeping bag for testing.

6. Address data will only be used to send the test product.

7. All data will be deleted no later than 30 days after the appearance of a Facebook product review.

8. Open to UK residents only. Participation is not limited to Slumbersac customers and is not dependent on the purchase of any goods or services.

9. The sleeping bags for testing are free of charge and remain with the tester.

10. The tester can, but does not have to, give a rating/recommendation on Facebook and/or they can send their opinion on the tested product via email to

11. The selected tester must send an email to within 5 working days. If the selected tester does not respond within this period, a new tester will be chosen.