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Family Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas

19 Dec, 2022

Personalised Christmas Tree Baubles

Even before the big day has arrived, you can start putting a tradition in place. There are some lovely Christmas tree baubles and many can be personalised or even handmade. You can add to these as the years go by and they can then go on the tree every year. There are lots of “My First Christmas” baubles where you can add a name and the year so that your Christmas tree can become a memory of important events. It is also a lovely gift for the grandparents so that they can hang a special bauble on their tree every year too - you could even get one with your baby's tiny handprint on.

Personalised Christmas Stocking

It is also lovely to hang a stocking on the fireplace. You could get one with their name on so that it can be used every year and the stockings on the fireplace can grow as your family grows.

Where to spend Christmas Day

Every Christmas you always have that important decision of where to spend the big day. As it is your first Christmas with your little one why don’t you invite your family over to your house? It can be so much easier as you don't have to think about traveling and packing a changing bag and we all feel more relaxed at home. To make it less stressful, members of the family could each bring a dish with them and contribute to the big Christmas dinner - this can be really enjoyable as everyone feels they have contributed.

Family Photos

Make sure to take lots of photos and videos on Christmas Day! Children will often look back at these as they get older which brings all those warm Christmas memories flooding back. It is also a time when all the family come together so you can get some great photos with your baby and the family when everyone is more relaxed. You can compare these every year to see how much your baby has grown.

Christmas Walk

Another wonderful Christmas tradition is to head out for a walk after Christmas dinner to burn off some of those calories. Dress your baby in something warm and venture out for some fresh air. 

Christmas Gifts

Even though your baby might be too young to remember their first Christmas it doesn’t mean you can’t buy them a few gifts. It is traditional after all! Why not give the gift of sleep (for them and you!) with a Slumbersac baby sleeping bag. We also have a cute “My First Christmas” body for them to wear over the Christmas period.

One of the most important things is to relax and enjoy your first Christmas together. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!