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Skin Problems and Eczema in Babies

10 Oct, 2022

Eczema is a dry skin condition and occurs due to the skin being unable to produce as much fat and oil as it needs and retain water. If the skin's protective barrier is weak, gaps will open between the skins cells which leads to dry, red, scaly and itchy skin. In more severe cases of eczema there may be weeping and bleeding.

Flare up’s with eczema can be triggered by many factors and many are out of your control. However, one factor you can control is the clothing your child is wearing which can often irritate a baby's skin. The ideal material for children with skin problems is 100% cotton or 100% silk. You should avoid using any material that will scratch or irritate the skin and wash clothes using detergents specially designed for sensitive skin. If using creams and soaps make sure they are free of colouring and fragrances. Do make sure that you rinse the clothes well to reduce aggravating baby’s skin.

Eczema will irritate your baby and they do not understand that itching will cause further damage - all they know is that itching is a relief. During the day you are able to control the itching by keeping their nails short and attaching mittens to their hands. However, during the night you will not be able to stop them from scratching. Baby sleeping bags can help prevent your child from scratching their body at night time as they can't get to it.

Slumbersac sleeping bags are made of 100% muslin cotton, 100% jersey cotton or 100% organic cotton which is perfect for baby's sensitive skin. All materials are sourced from reliable suppliers and rigorously tested and certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and therefore free of harmful substances. The sleep sacks are also designed with no sharp edges to irritate baby’s skin and the zips are covered with fabric. Baby sleeping bags also provide optimum temperature control which will prevent your child from sweating which can make skin flare up.