There’s nothing lovelier than taking your baby to the beach for their first ‘dip’ in the sea, or watching your little one toddle around happily on the sand. The new sounds, smells, colours and textures are really stimulating for babies’ minds, and toddlers love splashing in pools of seawater and building sandcastles. Getting out and about in the summer is definitely great fun, but your baby does need to be properly protected from the sun. Without adequate protection, your baby’s delicate skin can quickly burn, causing them pain and discomfort and putting them at risk of heatstroke. I was always super careful with Katie when I took her out, so thankfully she never got heat rash, sunburn or heatstroke. Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up about keeping babies safe and happy while they play in the summer sun.

Apply sun cream

If your baby is more than six months old, you can protect their skin from UV rays with a sun cream that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above (I always opted for SPF 50 with Katie!). The most common spots for sunburn are the back of the neck and the shoulders, so it is important to pay special attention to these areas. If you want to go into the water with your baby, you can use a waterproof sun cream, which should be reapplied after swimming.

Encourage them to play in the shade

Toddlers and newly crawling babies will probably want to explore and play in the sun. So, getting them to stay in the shade can be tricky. I used to set up Katie’s games under trees whenever it was sunny, so that she associated the shade with fun rather than feeling restricted (and rebellious!).

Dress your baby in a sunhat, loose-fitting clothes and sunglasses

Make sure your baby wears a wide-brimmed hat that covers their face, ears and neck, and that their clothes are nice and loose. I liked putting Katie in adjustable sunglasses that wrapped around her head – they offered 100 per cent UV protection, and I didn’t have to worry about them falling off.

Have a poncho at the ready

After playing in the sea or the paddling pool, you can put a poncho on your baby to make sure their skin is protected while they dry off. Our Slumbersac ponchos are absorbent, cosy and soft on your baby’s skin, and also have a hood to protect their head from the sun.

As a mum myself, I know what it’s like to worry about your baby in the summer sun. I hope these tips help you keep their skin protected so that you can enjoy all the delights of the summer with your little one! For more information and to view our products please visit our Slumbersac website.