Is your baby due this Spring? Have you been thinking about a seasonal inspired name? If so, look no further! We have compiled the top ‘spring’ baby names for girls and boys!

Baby Names


1. April– This name isn’t commonly seen now, but we think it is very pretty, especially for a baby born in…well April of course! It is definitely growing in popularity and we're not surprised - we think it's gorgeous! 

2. Bluebell – a lovely little name for a girl sometimes shortened to “Blue".  We think this also makes a pretty middle name!

3. Daisy – another floral name that takes us back to our childhood, making daisy chains in the garden! Simple yet a very popular choice.

4. Fleur – meaning “flower” in French. A beautiful, delicate name that is also growing in popularity. 

5. Freya – the Nordic goddess of springtime so the perfect choice for a baby girl!

6. Laverna – we love this name and it simply means “born in the spring” so perfect for spring babies!

7. Poppy – A popular name for girls with red hair. The name Poppy peaked in the early 1900s but it seems to be having a revival!

8. Rose – a popular spring flower. This name was always associated with an ‘old-fashioned’ name but it's coming back in fashion.

9. Apple – Apples start blooming in the Spring so this is a very appropriate name! A very unique name but popular with celebrities. 

10. Avril - the French meaning for 'April', so again an obvious choice if you are wanted a Spring inspired name for your little girl.


1. Asher - a personal favourite of ours which means “new beginning”, so the perfect name for your new arrival!

2. Heath – another spring themed name that means “the heathland dweller”. We think this is a lovely, traditional name, perfect for spring baby boys!

3. Javier – meaning “bright new day”, this is another of our personal favourites. Famous Javier’s include the Spanish actor Javier Bardem and if your little boy is anything like him he is going to be a hit with the ladies!

4. Maxwell –  A Scottish name meaning “Magnus spring” is a great option for a boy. We think it sounds powerful and strong! 'Max' is also very cute for a shortened version.

5. Owen –  A traditional Celtic name meaning "young warrior", or from the Welsh word “oen”, lamb, making it the ideal choice for a spring baby boy.

6. Sunny –   Hopefully, the sun shines a lot more in Spring and we think this is a gorgeous name for a boy with a happy temperament!

7. Bud - Pretty explanatory regarding the spring relevance but for a floral connotation, we think it's a very strong name for a boy.

8. William - not only is William a very popular name all year round but it's actually a flower! Great for Spring inspired name. 

9. Oliver - Again a very renown name widely used, but it's also a very pretty orange flower.

10. Laurence - A longer version of the white and pink flower "Laurel" usually found in the US. Another name growing in popularity.