For many new mums, the thought of travelling with a baby for the first time is daunting. In fact, it can even worry the most experienced parents! I know that, when I was preparing to take Katie on her first long journey, all I could think about was the embarrassment and stress of being stuck on a busy plane with Katie red-faced and wailing the whole time. But a friend gave me some tips on how to keep her calm while we travelled, and, thankfully, they worked a charm. Katie was as good as gold.

So, whether you’re travelling by plane, train, car or coach, here are some ways you can enjoy a peaceful, stress-free journey with your baby.

Make sure you have enough food

A hungry baby can quickly become an unhappy baby, and keeping your baby happy is the most important thing on a long journey. If your baby is too young for solids, and you don’t breastfeed, then make sure you are able to access warm milk throughout the journey. This means planning your stopping points efficiently if you’re in the car, or contacting the flight or journey operator to see that such facilities are offered. For babies on solids, make sure you pack plenty of food in your hand luggage, accounting for any delays that might occur.

Keep yourself calm

I always found that, if I was feeling edgy and anxious when travelling, Katie would also get distressed. Rather than getting stressed if your baby starts crying, just stay calm – if they feel that you’re relaxed, they may settle straight down after a little cry.

Use a travel bag

Katie used to love her travel bag on long trips. It always kept her comfortable, secure and calm, as it was something familiar in an unfamiliar environment. Our Slumbersac travel bags and travel wraps are designed to help babies relax while travelling, as well as making it convenient for you to move them from their stroller or car seat to a cot without disturbing them.  The outer pocket of Slumbersac Travel Wraps also feature a tab for attaching your baby's favourite soother, making it ideal for travelling.

Make time to play

Long journeys are boring for little ones, but your baby will love some extra playtime with you. If they don’t look like they’re going to sleep, why not have a game of peekaboo?

Have little breaks

When you have a baby in the car, it is important to have regular breaks so that you can take them for a little walk and give them some fresh air. This is also a chance to see to any dirty nappies or give them a feed. If you’re on a plane or train, make sure you book an aisle seat, as then you can easily get up to take your baby for a little stroll every now and then. I used to like doing this with Katie, as it also gave me a chance to stretch my legs!

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