This Black Friday Slumbersac has decided that as well as offering our loyal customers savings on some of our fantastic sleeping bags, we will also donate a percentage of our profits to charitable high-impact projects around the world, as part of our partnership with Buy1Give1 (Business for Good).

As we enter the Christmas season, we want to connect more of our customers, who love their children and family unconditionally, with those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Black Friday is impossible to ignore and this is our way of participating without compromising our values as a business and it is a fantastic opportunity to support some very important projects around the world, that are important to us.

The three projects that we will be donating to are:

Giving the Gift of Sight to a Child In Need
Blindness Prevention, Kenya

Prevent child blindness by distributing a daily dose of vitamin A supplements to a child in Turkana, Kenya. In the early stages of development, it is important that a child receives the correct nutrition. Access to a proper diet is extremely limited in Turkana as people are nomadic pastoralist. Help a child living in poverty become more confident and courageous by providing him or her a new chance at life through improved nutrition. Give a precious gift of sight to a child in need.

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Supplying Seeds to Feed a Family
Preventing Hunger, Cambodia

One of the biggest barriers to girls attending school in Cambodia is their immediate need for food. When a family is hungry, the search for food becomes their main priority and children spend their days either working or searching the forest for food. Make an impact by supplying seeds so a family can grow their own vegetable gardens. This will supply a family with enough food for their home, and sometimes extra to sell at local markets for profit.

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A Gift of Survival for a Day of Winter
Providing Blankets to Insulate a Child, Moldova

Imagine the chilling winds of winter prickling the bare body of a child along the streets of Moldova. Insulation in the life-threatening cold in winters as low as -40°C is crucial.

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We don’t only support these ground-breaking projects on Black Friday weekend. Every time you buy a sleeping bag from us, 365 days a year, you change the lives of those less fortunate. Your purchase of ONE Slumbersac sleeping bag provides the much needed vaccinations and immunisations to TEN newborn babies.

Earlier this year I embarked on a life-changing journey to Cambodia to work on projects with B1G1 and I will be travelling again with our B1G1 friends in January 2018 to Kenya, to work on more projects that are helping change the lives of families for the better. You can read about my visit to Cambodia on my blog and more about our work with B1G1 here.

Make giving a part of what you do this Black Friday and every day…

Thank you for your support.