In the early hours of Sunday morning at 2am, the clocks will go backwards by one hour. For most adults this is fantastic news as it means an extra hour in bed, but for parents with young children this is highly unlikely! If your child usually wakes at 6am, with the time change it is likely they will wake at 5am and that is not something to look forward to!

Routine is key for children, so making the transition as unnoticeable as possible is essential. However, there is no need to panic. Here are our 5 tips for getting your baby ready for the time change to ensure a pain-free bedtime!

1. Adjust your baby’s bedtime
In the week leading up to the clocks going back, make your baby's bedtime 10 minutes later each night for 6 nights. Begin this gradual change on Monday 22nd October, and your baby will start to adjust and hopefully not even notice the change!

2. Keep their room dark
As the clocks goes back it usually means brighter mornings (although who knows with our unpredictable weather). But to be on the safe side keep their bedroom as dark as possible to avoid any morning sunshine waking your little one up earlier than necessary.

3. Give them a lie in
Try leaving your baby in their cot/bed for 10 minutes longer each morning in the lead-up to the clocks going back. This of course depends on your child’s temperament. If you know that leaving them to their own devices for any extra length of time will result in waking up the whole household and possibly the neighbours too, then you may want to skip this tip!

4. Delay dinner time
Try feeding your child a little later each evening. This way their whole routine is kept in sync.

5. Be prepared for a temperature drop
During autumn the temperature will start to drop, which could lead to a disrupted sleep for your baby or toddler. By keeping an eye on the temperature and having the right winter wardrobe will help keep your little one cosy and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for them and for you!

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