Travelling long distances for adults can be strenuous, add a baby or toddler to the mix and it can become an extremely daunting task. Here are a few tips we recommend whilst planning and preparing for your holiday.

Planning the Journey

  • Research the holiday destination and once you have picked the perfect holiday make sure that they are family friendly, provide activities for children, child friendly meal, local shop and they provide cots and highchairs (this may incur extra costs).
  • Packing early is crucial; Children have a plethora of essential items that they need to take on holiday this involves a bit of research, and extra luggage at the airport can be extortionate, look into posting large items to your destination or renting or buying whilst at your holiday resort.
  • Plan the journey around your child’s sleep pattern, if flying try and fly during their natural sleep pattern, although this doesn’t guarantee they will sleep they will hopefully be tired and won’t take long to fall asleep
  • If booking public transport it is recommended to book a seat for your child, this will allow extra room and if you have a car seat that is Federal Aviation Administration approved this will allow you to take on the plane for you little one.
  • If you use public transport, such as flying make sure you arrive extra early to prevent any incidents. Rushing through the security is the last thing you need with little ones in toes and I always say plan for the unexpected. This can also mean that you can book seat with extra room for your children if you can’t choose seats when initially booking.
  • Check if your airport has a play area this will allow your children to use up access energy before they board the plane.
  • If you are travelling by plane with 2 adults, let one adult enter the plane first, put luggage in overhead and sort out the seat the you and your little one board the plane at the last possible moment this will use up access energy and  mean less time cramped on a plane.

Packing Luggage effectively is important when traveling long distances; make sure everything you will need during the journey in a Large Nappy bag with the rest of the luggage in the suitcase. Here are a few tips we suggest when packing your Carry-on.

  • Always pack extra’s, be aware of delays so make sure you pack extra nappies, wipes, food (Please check Airport guidelines on the amount of food you take), clothing as well as extra set of close for yourself in case of an accident.
  • Pack a goody bag, fill a goody bag with new wrapped present children love to unwrapped things and play with new toys, this will definitely keep your little one distracted for a few hours.
  • Charge up all electrical devices, downloads apps and movies for the children to use/ watch during the journey. This is perfect if your child falls asleep whilst you read to them as all on one device and save on carry lots of books etc.

There is a lot to consider when travelling with a baby and it is important they are comfortable throughout the journey. SlumberSac travel sleeping bags are perfect for ensuring young children have a safe, warm and relaxing experience. They are designed with a back vent which allows the car seat or buggy harness to be popped through the sleeping bags, providing both comfort and safety and the two way, front zip, allows simple adjustment for babies comfort. All travel sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton and lined with 100% pure cotton for natural comfort. Our travel sleeping bags come in a range of different colors, patterns and sizes to suit your child and are the ideal purchase for families travelling with young children.