Sleeping Bags with Feet

Our Sleeping Bags with Feet are the ideal alternative to regular baby sleeping bags
and offer your child more freedom to move when sleeping, running, crawling
and playing. 

Slumbersac - the safe alternative to a children's blanket

Eight years ago, Slumbersac revolutionised the baby sleeping bag market when we developed and introduced the sleeping bag with feet. Slumbersac - the original sleeping bag with feet.

There are many babies who do not feel comfortable in a standard baby sleeping bag and do not want to sleep in it. Our Slumbersac with feet is the ideal alternative. It offers the benefit and comfort of a standard sleeping bag with the added bonus of legs and foot holes for little one's feet. This means your child has more freedom to move when sleeping, without having to reach for the "unsafe" blanket or duvet.

Older children can also use a sleeping bag with feet so that they do not have to worry about being uncovered and cold at night, and even worse, you having to come in and cover them up again through the night.

Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet are fantastic for active babies and toddlers as your child can sleep, crawl, walk and play as they want to. You can simply put your child in a sleeping bag with feet before bedtime and they can play until it is ready to put them to bed. They are also great in the morning when little ones can run around undisturbed or crawl about until it is time to get dressed. 

Don't children's feet get cold?

Our sleeping bags with feet have foldable feet covers with non-slip soles which can be folded down over the feet and toes kept toasty and warm throughout the night. Alternatively, you can pull the legs right down so their little feet are tucked in for a warm and comfortable night's sleep. Then, in the morning, the feet can easily be put through the footholes - if you prefer to do this then please order one size larger than recommended.

Of course, many toddlers don’t like having their feet covered at night and, therefore, find it difficult to sleep in a standard sleeping bag. Many of our customers feed back to us that their children like to have their feet out at night because they prefer the freedom it gives. Some prefer to put on separate socks to keep their feet warm. The choice is yours but our innovative design allows that flexibility.

What sizes are there?

Sleeping Bag Size: 60cm (Height - 60-70cm, 6-12 months)

Sleeping Bag Size: 70cm (Height - 70cm-80cm, 12-18 months)

Sleeping Bag Size: 80cm (Height - 80-90cm, 18-24 months)

Sleeping Bag Size: 90cm (Height - 90-100cm, 24-36 months)

Sleeping Bag Size: 100cm (Height - 100cm-110cm, 3-4 years)

Sleeping Bag Size: 110cm (Height - 110cm-120cm, 5-6 years)

Sleeping Bag Size: 120cm (Height - 120cm-130cm, 7-8 years)

Sleeping Bag Size: 130cm (Height - 130-140cm, 9-10 years)

How do I choose the right size sleeping bag with feet?

Choosing the right Tog weight for your child

Our sleeping bags with legs are marked using the pratical English Tog System and rigorously tested in a laboratory to ensure they are the correct Tog weight. This means that you can easily see which Slumbersac is best suited for the appropriate season and room temperature. Whether you need a lightly lined 0.5 Tog sleeping bag for Summer, soft and warm 1.0 Tog sleeping bag for Spring and Autumn or a cosy padded 2.5 Tog sleeping bag or 3.5 Tog sleeping bag for Winter, we can offer you the perfect choice for the current climate and room temperature of your child's nursery. 

For a detailed overview of our different tog weights and a guide for what your child should wear underneath a footed sleeping bag, please visit our Tog page

Why Slumbersac? The advantages of Slumbersac at a glance.

  • Sleeping Bags with Feet are an invention and product development by Slumbersac, so you will find the original with us.
  • We have over 20 gorgeous designs in our Sleeping Bags with Feet range, in various fun designs, sizes and togs for girls and boys.
  • All Slumbersac sleeping bags with legs are rigorously tested to Oeko-Tex standard 100 and are therefore free from harmful substances. 
  • When manufacturing our sleeping bags with feet, we only use high-quality materials that are particularly easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees and dried on a gentle cycle. They are also super-soft and ideal for sensitive baby skin. 
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent Slumbersac customer service and are on hand to answer any questions you might have relating to choosing your sleeping bag with feet. We're more than happy to help!

And, don't forget, that we don't just sell sleeping bags for babies and sleeping bags for children. We also sell useful baby equipment, baby clothing and you will also find beautiful, practical gifts for babies at Slumbersac.